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Leading the way with Lisa Binkley.

Congratulations to our very own, Lisa Binkley, for being named one of the 2019 'Most Powerful Women in Fintech' by Progress in Lending Association.

Progress in Lending Association is honoring 30 of the most powerful women in FinTech. Congratulations to Lisa Binkley (NCS) for being named one of the 2019 winners! Kudos for leading the way in reshaping FinTech for today’s financial industry. 



Lisa Binkley is Senior Vice President at National Credit-reporting System, Inc. (NCS), where she is responsible for mortgage solutions and business development.

With over 30 years in the mortgage space, Lisa understands all lending disciplines and mortgage processes from a practical user level. She is a well-known quality assurance and business technology expert with the knowledge that spans from origination and underwriting through quality control and risk. With small to midsize lenders in mind, her vision to craft a practical roadmap has led to streamlined loan manufacturing workflow, improved automated technologies, and efficient implementation that saves originators and investors both time and money.

At NCS, Lisa plays a crucial role in product enhancement and new product development. She identifies targeted solutions by directly reaching out to lender clients to gain qualitative feedback on various pain points; in turn, she builds on technological advancements that simplify and improve current processes without disruption. She has spearheaded some cornerstone FinTech initiatives that have helped lender clients successfully streamline their efficiencies, including:

VOE Ordering Interface, API, and Processing Platform: This platform processes orders from the client-facing interface, stand-alone API, and Encompass. It performs real-time validation of the employer using multiple automated subscription resources and direct verifications with employers to reduce turn times for manual employment verifications, provide data back. This VOE platform is an all-encompassing solution capturing manual verifications and automated third-party verifications.

VOE Upload Process: Originators simply upload 1003 loan application. NCS performs data input, processes the order, and posts results. Overall process efficiencies result in a 75% reduction in processing time.

Income Calculations: This current initiative uses standardized income calculations to streamline processing time for lenders. It supports upstream transparency, reduces the time to calculate qualifying income, and provides recommended alerts for any flagged items.

As a thought leader in the mortgage industry, Lisa combines an understanding of origination and audit functions, process improvement, risk management, and government regulatory requirements. She continually searches for practical financial technology trends that best positions NCS for continual innovation.

Ms. Binkley shares her quality assurance and fintech development expertise as a nationally-known speaker for industry conferences and publishes articles that educate industry professionals on data and automation. She has held high visibility positions in numerous industry associations, councils, and working groups, including the Mortgage Bankers Association. Lisa has been honored with several industry-related awards and recognized as one of Housing Wire's 2013 Influential Women in Mortgage.


National Credit-reporting System (NCS) provides a unified credit reporting and verification offering plus consolidated billing options to save clients processing time and money. Together with their sister company SERVICE 1st, the two companies embrace a tech-forward focus towards creating efficient design engineering, cost-effective solutions, and providing customer-centric service. | (800) 582-7066 | (866) 606-5952


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