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Our experts review areas that could improve credit scores, maintain compliance and get your loans closed faster.


Combined years of experience in credit reporting & verification services.

We continue to build on our standing reputation as a production and risk mitigation partner for clients.

We know that mitigating the risk of a consumer’s ability to pay their loan is imperative in today’s economy. SERVICE 1st provides cost-effective solutions for loan origination such as merged credit reporting, lead generation tools, prequalification solutions, verifications, and flood determination reports.

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+ Credit Reports

Brochure Download + SINGLE IN-FILE Determine your prospect’s creditworthiness from a single bureau soft pull prior to their loan application. Start off with a single bureau report and, only if the credit data meets your pre-loan criteria to qualify an applicant, then upgrade to a tri-merge report. Save time, resources, and money by establishing a borrower’s creditworthiness in the beginning of the loan cycle. + SMART SELECT CASCADING CREDIT REPORTS Interested in reducing costs associated with application fallout? SmartSelect cascades credit files through a rules engine you configure. SmartSelect will reduce overall credit reporting fees by eliminating unqualified borrowers up front. Learn More + RAPID RESCORE Correct the information on a credit file within 3 business days, or as a rush within 24 hours at the bureau level. This tool allows your borrowers to possibly obtain higher scores allowing them to qualify for better rates. + TRI-MERGED S1's Intelligent Tri-Merge Credit Report engine provides nearly endless combinations, attributes and decisioning capabilities. Leverage templates or create your own format and merge optional FICO, OFAC, Fraud, and ID. Request 1, 2, or all 3 bureaus. View sample report View with Credit Assure

+ BUSINESS Providing corporate information on all types of verified businesses registered by the Secretary of State. Qualified income data sources including BBB report, state licenses, referenced credit history, and company net worth. Turnaround time averages 5 business days. View sample report ▶

+ QC Meet regulatory requirements with this soft inquiry credit report designed for loan servicers and QC companies.

+ Prequalification Services

+ SOFT QUAL INFILE Soft Qual Infile: Determine your prospect’s creditworthiness from a single bureau soft pull prior to their loan application. Prequalify your loan prospect the smart way to determine whether they meet your pre-loan criteria.

  • Save significant time, valuable resources and upfront costs.
  • Strengthen approval rating
  • Avoid massaging a prospective applicant for weeks
  • Stay ahead of the competition by pre-qualifying your best leads
  • Increase your overall pull through rate
  • Focus on deals that make sense.
  • Significantly lowers the upfront costs in qualifying borrowers

+ CreditXpert® Product Suite

Quickly assess score enhancement possibilities and forecast/simulate the scoring effects of positive and negative actions a consumer can take upon their credit file. Learn More +CREDIT ASSURE™ This tool shows you whether your applicant’s score can improve, right on the credit report. Learn More +WAYFINDER™ Just choose a target mid-score. In just seconds, this toolwill build an action plan to achieve the desired score, with the probability of success. +WHAT-IF-SIMULATOR™ Want to dig into an applicant's credit situation? Takes Wayfinder one step further by allowing loan officers to simulate specific actions or simply test the impact of time for borrowers not ready today. Watch Video

+ Lead Generation Solutions


Lead generation for mortgage originators via Experian data based on credit and demographic criteria. You can upload your own list to screen or review target prospect list before purchase. Criteria include homeownership, credit score, balance of mortgage, zip codes.


A tool only offered by Experian that identifies who will be in the market for HELOC or mortgage in next 120 days. It offers credit protection packages that include FICO score-monitoring, credit report-monitoring and AIG Identity Theft Insurance. You can never be too cautious when it comes to credit protection, but S1 will ensure your customers’ information is safeguarded behind a reliable wall of credit protection.


+ Courthouse Abstracting

Accurately interpreted data in courthouse abstracting. Include:

  • multiple/current owner search
  • county liens & Judgments (NJ)
  • mortgage & Foreclosure search
  • deed investigating
  • tax status
  • document retrieval

+ Flood & Property Valuations (AVM)


  • Get access to the nation’s largest, investor approved, flood provider with results delivered in seconds. Both Commercial and Residential.
  • Property Appraisal process using multiple AVM (Automated Valuation Models). In just seconds, our automated valuation model (AVM) solution determine the value of a specific property using validated data sources to evaluate real estate and property information, recent sales, price trends, and tax assessments. It’s that simple, saving you significant time and costs compared to traditional property appraisal processes.

+ Portfolio Review

Service 1st can evaluate existing portfolios or portfolios being evaluated for purchase to check for discrepancies. The information will help determine the actual health and accuracy of the loan pool.


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