Mortgage fraud reportedly found in borrower assets and income sources (2019)

Source: FNMA Mortgage Fraud Investigative Findings 2005-2019

1 in 5

Lenders received 1 in 5 paystubs falsified manually or via internet-based tools

Source: PointPredictive, Feb 2019


FTE hours​ required to complete investigation into fraud attack and litigation fees


Source: 2019 Pitch Point

Mortgage fraud in loan applications will always pose a threat to lenders validating their borrowers' ability-to-repay. Our robust risk mitigation tools monitors and identifies fraudulent data through the entire loan process. Trust SERVICE 1st throughout the loan cycle to assure regulatory compliance and peace of mind. 



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+ QC Credit Reports

Meet regulatory requirements with this soft inquiry credit report designed for loan servicers and QC companies.

+ Regulatory Compliance

+ ID RISK REVIEW Everything needed to screen loan applicants and assess credit risk. Automated decisions and queue management allow us to cater to all types of lending. With support for all major credit bureaus and sub-prime products, you’ll gain additional insight into virtually any applicant and gain the opportunity to serve new markets.

+ Lien and Judgement Reports

Order a quick review prior to your Title report to detect if applicant has any outstanding liens and judgements. Instant results. Stand alone or built in as an addon report. Includes undisclosed debt monitoring alerts.

+ Undisclosed Debt Monitoring

We will continuously monitor for increased credit activity during the “quiet period” of the loan manufacturing period to remain in compliance within 120-day credit report requirements by Fannie and Freddie. We will also provide daily alerts to lending stakeholders if any red flags present a potential risk associated with any mortgage loans in their pipeline.

+ Wire Fraud Services

The wire transfer service provides an easy and reliable way to order and manage the initial vetting reports, bank account reports and ongoing monitoring results. We provide a two-part report verifying both the bank account information and the settlement company status; + BANK ACCOUNT VERIFICATION Verifies accuracy of ABA and account numbers as well as its association to settlement company. Helps reduce wire fraud. + SETTLEMENT AGENT VETTING CFPB compliant, we verify legal name, title licenses, history of license sanctions, and checks for exclusions list match.

+ Fraud Reports

ADV-120 (Application Data Verifications)

  • Reports summarize results by branch and loan type. Includes findings, warnings and risk score of identity, employer, unlimited mortgage participants, borrower occupancy, lien and judgement search, valuation, and subject property verifications.


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