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Mortgage tools engineered to close more loans, faster. With proven results.

Streamline decisioning and underwriting with risk mitigation solutions & verification tools in all phases of your mortgage loan origination. We make it simple with a unified offering, integration with multiple LOS/ POS platforms, faster industry turn times, responsive customer service, and single source billing.

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  • Credit Reports

  • Tax Income 4506-C

  • SSV Identity SSA-89

  • VOE Employment Verification

  • Bank Statements & Assets



  • ID Review

  • Application Data Validation

  • Flood Zone Determination

  • Lien & Judgement Reports



  • Income+ Determination

  • Bank Statements & Assets

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Undisclosed Debt Monitoring



  • Wire Transfer Review

  • VOE Employment Verification

  • Fraud Reports



  • Mortgage Payoff Watch

  • Portfolio Review

  • Credit reports (QC)

  • Property Appraisal (AVM)



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  • Why has National Credit-reporting Service (NCS) acquired Credit Data Solutions?
    NCS has had a long history of offering credit reporting solutions. Since the recession there has been measurable consolidation in the lending industry and we've noticed many credit reporting agency (CRA) offerings are stale. Our merger with Credit Data Solutions will allow us to grow our partnerships with POS' and origination programs for HELOCs, enable a comprehensive portfolio review offering, and build on our trusted verification flagship services.
  • Will the new entity be called something different?
    Yes. Starting February 1, 2019 CREDIT DATA SOLUTIONS will be known as SERVICE FIRST - A National Credit-reporting System Company
  • Will my billing be the same?
    Yes. Billing will come from Service 1st Information Solutions, LLC. Only now you can choose to pay for all services with one monthly invoice, making it easier and time efficient for you to focus on more important things.
  • Will there be a price increase?
    Our goal is to offer a competitive price offering to all our customers. There will not be a price increase to current Credit Data Solutions clients for 2019. Pricing is evaluated yearly and adjusted according to market changes.
  • Will there be a change in how I access my account on platforms?
    No, same platforms you have been used to. Additional platforms will be available for your convenience, if needed.
  • Who will I call for customer service support? Will your direct phone extensions and fax number remain the same?
    Call (866) 606-5952 for customer support and you’ll immediately reach a live customer service representative to assist you. No more tele prompts. No matter the question, we are here to provide answers. Additionally, all other phone extensions will remain the same, including our fax number at (877) 813-7178.
  • What does this new acquisition mean to me?
    This acquisition means now we're adding more bundled offerings and verification services to your already existing services. One monthly invoice, one portal, and more LOS resources. Same great service with the same experienced operational team you've grown to love.
  • Who will be running the operational side of my orders?
    The same operational team you have been accustomed to; nothing will change there.
  • What is your mission for your clients?
    SERVICE 1st commits to going beyond the expected via an unwavering dedication to customer service, and a solution partnership that best determines risk and best positions production teams to compliantly complete each transaction.
  • What is the vision for the company?
    SERVICE 1st will build upon the firm’s standing reputation as a production and risk mitigation partner for our clients. We seek more successful outcomes for our clients via our current and innovative future offerings that will compliantly drive down origination costs, enhance bundling opportunities and best position the client in each transaction.
  • Will there be more services available?
    SERVICE 1st offers the same services for now. Our goal is to constantly look for ways to add more efficiency, experience, and quality for all of your loan origination needs
  • Will you be offering bundled savings?
    Yes. For more details on pricing and bundled savings, let's chat! Schedule 15-30 minutes with one of our friendly product/service experts.
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