VOE/I Services

Verification of Employment & Income 

A responsive solution to verifying employment.

VOE Services is a fast, responsive verification of employment and income solution that helps mitigate risk and fraud without the crazy price tag associated with "other" products. Ask us about our proven results with some of the fastest turn times in the industry -- by up to 50%.

  •  50% faster than industry turn times 

  •  Over 30 instant data providers 

  •  Transparent performance tracking 

  •  No required monthly minimum 

  •  No additional setup costs 

  •  Onshore call centers 

Did you know close to 75% of all employment verifications must be completed via fax or phone? Powerful databases exist for employment and earning histories -- but they cover 25% of the US labor force. These conditions make verification of employment a time-consuming, burdensome, and expensive task. VOE Services goes beyond the expected in delivering quality reports with speed, accuracy, and consistency with a specific focus on customer satisfaction. 

Integrated with Encompass® and other major LOS platforms

Service 1st can provide you the best solutions with industry-leading turn times and price options.

Ask us about our proven results of processing VOE/I with the fastest turn time in the industry.

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For your 20-day closings, ask us about INCOME+. A single page income determination report that standardizes income calculations using tax transcripts, W2s, and VOE data.

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