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VOE / I Cascade

Verification of Employment & Income 

Choose true cascade technology to get even faster verification of employment and income with guaranteed results. 

Are you ready for true cascade technology with 100% guaranteed completion that is quickly accessible from one platform?

Service 1st is the only standalone VOE/I processor that provides a one-stop verification from automation to manual with industry-leading turn times. Easy onboarding with no implementation fees. Here is how it works.


Just order and we'll take care of the rest.

We manageTPP accounts & credentials so that End Users do not need to enter your credentials every time.

You decide your cascade order.

We work it through an integrated automated provider waterfall on your behalf until done.

A robust database library, growing daily!

Access to all third-party providers and a consumer- permissioned payroll network. 

Guaranteed completion in record time.

No stopping or restarting from other source providers to get final reports.

Cover page summary with each report.

Optional employer-sourced income data calculations report for quick analysis.

49% within 12 hours and up to 87% in 2 days.

Standardized output format across all providers delivered 50% faster than industry turn times.

When the order is received, our waterfall process starts with our Experian Verify and The Work Number partner integration. And with instant access to over 30 additional third-party database providers and a consumer-permissioned payroll network, that's a growing library of 4M+ employers (about twice the population of New Mexico) and 150M+ employee records available in record time!

If an employer search is not actively listed on any of these third-party providers, our cascade solution reduces friction using AI technology that captures employer information in near real time for 70% of incoming orders. To further automate the process, we utilize an extensive payroll network to unlock consumer-permissioned data connections.

When a manual or verbal verification is required, our dedicated team of customer service agents takes over. Service 1st does all the lifting, streamlining each task to efficiently complete orders with 49% delivered within 12 hours and up to 87% in 2 days.

  •  50% faster than industry turn times 

  •  Report summary included 

  •  Optional Income+ reports available

  •  No required monthly minimum 

  •  No additional setup costs 

  •  Consistent & simple report formats 

Integrated with Encompass® and other major LOS platforms

Service 1st can provide you the best solutions with industry-leading turn times and price options.

Want to continue the conversation? 

Ask us about INCOME+, a single-page income determination report that standardizes income calculations using tax transcripts, W2s, and VOE data.


Try INCOME+ determination solution suite & save up to 40 FTE minutes | SEE PROMO DETAILS >

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