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Credit Reporting
  •  Mortgage origination 

  •  Auto lending 

  •  Installment loans 

  • Education loans

  •  Small business 

  •  Commercial lending 

Cost-effectively assess an applicant’s creditworthiness.

Reissueable soft inquiry credit reports, FICO® & Vantage® Scores, plus workflow/product enhancements that reduce application fallout.

•  Lead Generation from Experian
•  CreditXpert® Suite
•  Pre-Qual & Pre-Approval Credit Reports
•  Liens & Judgements
•  Approved DU® Early Assessment Credit Provider
•  Integrations to All Major LOS/POS

We want to make 2024 a better year than you forecasted.

Your team has worked too hard to lose borrowers to competition.  Eliminate trigger leads until 10 days prior to close with S1 Pre-Approval credit reports that reissue to DU & LP.  Choose from single bureau up to tri-merge pre-qual or pre-approval reports.  Each option has its risk/reward: 1 bureau = least cost but higher risk of missing positive or negative tradelines. Tri-merge = greater cost, more info.  

Considering DU Early Assessment?  S1 created a trended, soft inquiry pre-qual report specifically for this Fannie Mae program.  Be that trusted consultant for borrowers with eligibility issues via CreditXpert tools and cost-effectively migrate ineligible borrowers to approved/eligible.

S1 analysts will work side by side with you to create your most effective product mix.


* Service 1st is a participating member of the National Credit Reporting Association (NCRA) and the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA)

 Smart Select 
Single pull to a tri-merged report. Don't spend more than you need on credit report fees!

Streamline your costs by pre-qualify your applicant the most effective way using a cascading credit bureau report option: start off with a single bureau report and, only if the credit data meets your pre-loan criteria to qualify an applicant, then Smart Select upgrades to a tri-merge report. Learn more

 Single In-file Credit Reports 

Determine your borrower’s creditworthiness from a single bureau soft pull prior to their loan application. Start off with a single bureau report and, only if the credit data meets your pre-loan criteria to qualify an applicant, then upgrade to a tri-merge report. Save time, resources, and money by establishing a borrower’s creditworthiness at the beginning of the loan cycle. 

 Tri-Merge Credit Reports 

Our intelligent Tri-Merge Credit Report engine provides nearly endless combinations, attributes, and decisioning capabilities.  Leverage templates or create your own format and merge optional FICO, OFAC, Fraud, and ID.  Request 1, 2, or all 3 bureaus. 

View Sample Report  (with Credit Xpert® Credit Assure option)

 Business Credit Reports 

Providing corporate information on all types of verified businesses registered by the Secretary of State. Qualified income data sources including BBB report, state licenses, referenced credit history, and company net worth. Turnaround time averages 5 business days. 

View Sample Report

 QC Credit Reports 

Meet regulatory requirements with this soft inquiry credit report designed for loan servicers and QC companies.

Service 1st can provide you the best solutions with industry-leading turn times and price options.

Contact us today to get started!

For your 20-day closings, ask us about INCOME+. A single-page income determination report that standardizes income calculations using tax transcripts, W2s, and VOE data.

Try INCOME+ determination solution suite & save up to 40 FTE minutes | SEE PROMO DETAILS >

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