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Credit Reports

We offer all credit reports from single, merged, business, and QC.

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Service Description

+ SMART SELECT Interested in reducing costs associated with application fallout? Try SmartSelect reduces unnecessary costs by cascading credit files through a rules engine you configure. As each report is retrieved, it is reviewed. If an attribute or score fails to meet a configured standard, such as a bankruptcy or frozen credit file, the consumer’s credit report halts further upgrades from progressing. SmartSelect will reduce overall credit reporting fees by eliminating unqualified borrowers up front. + SINGLE IN-FILE Determine your prospect’s creditworthiness from a single bureau soft pull prior to their loan application. Start off with a single bureau report and, only if the credit data meets your pre-loan criteria to qualify an applicant, then upgrade to a tri-merge report. Save time, resources, and money by establishing a borrower’s creditworthiness in the beginning of the loan cycle. + TRI-MERGED S1's Intelligent Tri-Merge Credit Report engine provides nearly endless combinations, attributes and decisioning capabilities. Leverage templates or create your own format and merge optional FICO, OFAC, Fraud, and ID. Request 1, 2, or all 3 bureaus. + BUSINESS Providing corporate information on all types of verified businesses registered by the Secretary of State. Qualified income data sources including BBB report, state licenses, referenced credit history, and company net worth. Turnaround time averages 5 business days. + QC Meet regulatory requirements with this soft inquiry credit report designed for loan servicers and QC companies.

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Service First Information Solutions (DBA Service 1st), Hilltop Drive, Redding, CA, USA

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