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Credit Xpert Products

Quickly assess score enhancement possibilities & simulate score impact

  • 30 min
  • Online Meetup

Service Description

+ CREDIT ASSURE See your customer’s current credit score, AND their score potential, automatically. Credit Assure gives you the mid-score potential for every client on every credit report. + WAYFINDER Quickly and easily creates a custom, step-by-step credit improvement plan that you can share with your client. Your borrower gets a custom plan to improve their score and get into the home of their dreams. You go from bearer of bad news to hero with a few clicks of your mouse. +WHAT-IF-SIMULATOR Find the right plan for your client by testing options. Should they pay down a credit balance? Delete a public record? Open a new credit account? You can simulate multiple actions to predict their impact and build the right plan for your borrower – or simply see into the future. + RAPID RESCORE: Correct the information on a credit file within 3 business days, or as a rush within 24 hours at the bureau level. This tool allows your borrowers to possibly obtain higher scores allowing them to qualify for better rates.

Contact Details


Service First Information Solutions (DBA Service 1st), Hilltop Drive, Redding, CA, USA

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