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Streamline your costs by using a cascading credit bureau report option


Reduce overall credit reporting fees.


Eliminate unqualified borrowers from the beginning using a single bureau verification.

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SmartSelect works in reducing fall out rate.


You customize the credit report criteria. Once your pre-defined benchmark(s) are triggered, the LOS ordering platform will automatically cascade to a bi- or tri-merged credit report. Otherwise, it stops pulling credit bureau data if certain conditions, such as scores or other negative factors, are not met.

Through our LOS system, SmartSelect offers 4 cascading report options:​

Single Pull

1-3 Bi-Merged

2-3 Bi-Merged

1-2-3 Tri-Merged

Examples of other set criteria to customize in upgraded feature:

  • Cumulative collection balances greater than $____.

  • No late payments on mortgage accounts within the past ____ months, not to exceed 36.

  • Bankruptcy filings within the past ____ months.

  • Delinquent child support accounts.

  • Unreleased federal tax liens.

  • Defaulted student loans.

  • Disputed accounts.

  • Foreclosure, short sale, or deed-in-lieu within past 7 years.

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