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It's a no brainer. Try SmartSelect.

Streamline your costs by using a cascading credit bureau report option


Reduce overall credit reporting fees.


Eliminate unqualified borrowers from the beginning using a single bureau verification.

Find out how.

Get started today!

SmartSelect works in reducing fall out rate.


You customize the credit report criteria. Once your pre-defined benchmark(s) are triggered, the reports will automatically cascade to a bi- or tri-merged credit report. Otherwise, it stops pulling credit bureau data if certain conditions, such as scores or other negative factors, are not met.

SmartSelect offers 4 cascading report options:​

Single Pull

When the credit report is ordered, if the first-choice bureau is unavailable or if a score is not returned, second-choice bureau will be ordered. If a score cannot be obtained from the second bureau, a third bureau will be ordered. This will improve the chances end users will receive at least one bureau successfully.

1-3 Bi-Merged

If the first bureau meets the score and guideline bureaus, the file will upgrade to a tri-merge.

2-3 Bi-Merged

This mode will pull all bureaus one by one and check the results against the requirements. If the first bureau meets the requirements, the second bureau will be pulled. If the second meets the requirements, then the last bureau will be ordered.

1-2-3 Tri-Merged

This mode will pull 2 bureaus and if any meet the requirements, the last bureau will be ordered.

Examples of other set criteria to customize in upgraded feature:

  • Cumulative collection balances greater than $____.

  • No late payments on mortgage accounts within the past ____ months, not to exceed 36.

  • Bankruptcy filings within the past ____ months.

  • Delinquent child support accounts.

  • Unreleased federal tax liens.

  • Defaulted student loans.

  • Disputed accounts.

  • Foreclosure, short sale, or deed-in-lieu within past 7 years.

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