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Does your applicant's credit report include both the credit score and the potential credit score?

With Credit Assure™ from CreditXpert®, you don’t just get your applicant’s credit score – you also see their score potential, automatically on every credit report.  So, you can judge their potential to qualify for a loan or a better loan program. That’s the first step to helping you close more loans and exceed your applicants’ expectations.    


See your applicant's credit score, plus their score potential.

Mortgage Professional get Credit Assure™ 
on nearly

credit reports
per month.

Find out why.

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Scott used CreditXpert software and simulated the impact if one of his borrowers paid off a $600 student loan. This completed action resulted in a 12-point increase in the credit score, taking it over 720. Scott was also able to close the loan at a lower rate, beating out a competitor.

Scott Jongsma, Mortgage Loan OriginatorChoiceOne Bank

Peter’s client wanted to refinance his home, but his mid-score had fallen from 716 to 697. With Credit Assure™, Peter saw that simply paying a credit card balance of $1,700 down to $1,595 could improve his score. The client attained a mid-score of 706, shaving 0.475% of the original rate Peter could offer and saving the client $116,000 over the course of the loan.


Peter Camplin, Senior Loan Officer
Superior Rate Mortgage of New England LLC

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