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CreditXpert® | Suite of Solutions

+6 points

Average expected impact on credit score per pay-down action


Users who plan at least 9-months ahead improve score by 21 points.

1 in 5

Users that opened new credit card  showing 12-point improvement in payback history

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Close Every Loan With An Xpert Credit Process.

You and your staff work hard to bring in leads. Who decides what to do when credit is an issue?

Close loans you used to turn away.

  • Improve your pull-through rates

  • Prevent applicants from going to your competitors

  • Help customers get into the home of their dreams.

Lending professionals are experts when it comes to getting people into the home of their dreams. But how can you help customers with less-than-perfect credit?

CreditXpert's easy-to-use software solutions help increase applicants' credit scores by an average of 27 points - which means higher pull-through rates and fewer rescores.

No wonder mortgage professional get CreditXpert® products in nearly a million credit reports per month.​


See your applicant's score potential on every credit report



Give your client a customized score improvement plan.


What-If Simulator

Take a hands-on approach. Test options to find the right plan for your client.

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CreditXpert® solutions are available from SERVICE 1st. We offer training and support to help you get the most out of your CreditXpert investment. Get started today! 

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Mortgage companies invest a lot of time and money to bring in new applicants. But what if these clients don't qualify for the loan -- or for the best terms -- because of their credit scores? 

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