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Frictionless processes for lenders.

Leveraging internal human resources alongside automated solutions for frictionless processes.

Lenders want to save costs and reduce time-consuming manual functions with automated solutions, especially with repetitive ancillary tasks. They’re doing this while reassuring their staff of their vital roles as relationship builders and decision-makers despite concerns of technology replacing human intelligence.

Service 1st (S1) is positioning our income determination solutions ( learn more on income+ ) in a similar vein. Rather than replace members of a lender’s team, automated income determination is meant to leverage validated income sources and highlight exceptions for processors and LOs to clear or red flag.

Think of those efficiencies in comparison with a well-trained associate comparing income documents line by line. Originators and lenders who have embraced this concept transitioned these skilled team members to high-touch customer service/support tasks or more meaningful involvement in complicated condition clearing.

Additionally, Service 1st clients are leveraging mortgage and employment verifications 2-3 days prior to close with turn-times nearly 50% less than industry benchmarks.

Income+ workflow
Income+ workflow

Originators and lenders are embracing solution partners who enable efficient management of their back-office processes. There remain many opportunities where lenders can reduce processing tasks.

Human intelligence in lending will remain essential in filtering qualified borrowers and decisioning through the life cycle of any loan origination. Looking at the big picture, where there are redundant tasks that can benefit from using third-party fintech solutions and managed by internal resources, AI acts as a copilot. Lenders can focus their professional staff on processes that take advantage of their specialized training and in-house presence.

And whether volume is low or high, lending firms do not have to readjust their human resources if using a variable cost model. This is another key asset in partnering with S1. Our business model is configured to adapt to market fluctuation with minimal disruption. For example, there are no monthly minimums nor sign-up costs when partnering with Service 1st.

Referral and repeat business is critical to pipeline management. Reduced closing times, high touch communication, and limited asks for new information from your borrowers are key determinants in their decision to recommend your firm to friends or use you again for their next transaction. Service 1st is a trusted partner that will help you achieve these goals.

Contact to discuss your goals. We’re ready to support your journey today.


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