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Update | New Version of Form 4506-C

As part of the IRS modernization efforts, the newly released 4506-C form was designed to review, approve, and fulfill IRS transcript requests using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). In preparation, we have created an instruction manual to keep you compliant.

The new IRS form 4506-C will not be accepted until December 1, 2022, and will not be mandatory until March 1, 2023. Both form versions will be processed through February 28.

On March 1, 2023, only the new form version will be accepted by the IRS.

NOTE: All dates are dependent upon the IRS and may be subject to change.

Click here to download the new 4506-C form.

Click here for schema if recreating the form using document technology

New 4506-C form with OCR feature

The IRS will not permit editing on the new 4506-C form – it must be filled out as intended. (e.g., only the transcripts you need versus selecting all the forms at initial application onboarding). However, the IRS will continue to allow edits to form 4506-C with the revision date of September 2020 until its sunset date of February 28, 2023.


Major changes to the new 4506-C form include the following:

Signatures are required for any taxpayer listed. Only list a spouse if their transcripts are requested and they will be signing the request. Forms with missing signatures will be rejected.

  1. Line 5a – All forms provided to you by NCS will have our name and address completed.

    1. NCS TRV Processing * PO Box 1089 * Hammonton, NJ 08037

    2. We have confirmed with the IRS that we may add our remaining identifiers when we process your request. This applies to 5a, ii, iii, and 5b.

  2. Line 5c – The Unique Identifier has been added to the form. This is an optional field with specific criteria and we have been advised this is for the client user identifier. See the instructions for more information.

  3. Client information for Line 5d is required. This is your name, address, and telephone information. Forms with missing Client information will be rejected.

  4. Line 6 – “Transcript requested” is only for ordering tax return transcripts and should only list one tax form number (1040, or 1120 or 1120S, or 1065) that was filed. Forms with multiple tax forms listed on Line 6 will be rejected.

  5. Line 7 – “Wage and Income transcripts” only require the checkbox to be marked for all forms (1098, 1099, and W2s) available will be returned for all listed taxpayers.

    1. Select line 7a for each taxpayer when specific wage transcripts are needed. Input specific forms (like W-2) and mark the appropriate taxpayer check box in line 7b.

    2. Wage and Income transcripts are charged based on the form type and number of taxpayers per year requested. For example, listing three Wage and Income forms on line 7a and listing two taxpayers will incur six charges per year requested.

    3. Any entries in Line 7a, such as “NA” or “Not Applicable,” will be read as an entry by the OCR software, and charges will apply. If you are not ordering specific forms, leave this section blank.

  6. Any taxpayers listed on Lines 1a/2a must complete their assigned signature section on the new form 4506-C. Forms with missing signatures or required signature information will be rejected.

  7. Authorized Representatives signing for the taxpayer(s) listed on Line 1a and/or 2a are required to check the “Form 4506-C was signed by an Authorized Representative” box. See instructions for more information on an Authorized Representative. Forms signed by an Authorized Representative without this box marked will be rejected.

  8. Taxpayers that sign electronically are required to check the “Signatory confirms document was electronically signed” box. Forms signed with an electronic signature without this box marked will be rejected.


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