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Taking a positive lead in our new reality.

March 30, 2020

By Curtis Knuth

This March, with a day to spare, S1 has surpassed our highest volume ever without any degradation in service performance.  81% of all credit supplements were performed in 24 hours or less for the month of March.  We are deeply appreciative to our clients for their loyalty and trust.

For prospective clients, the credit repositories are adjusting their on-boarding standards for on-site investigations due to stay at home restrictions.  Prospective clients will continue to receive updates from their S1 representatives.

As always, thank you for your business in these uncertain times.  If you’re not an S1 client, we hope to soon welcome you aboard.  Our team is actively reaching out to our clients and prospects to best understand how we can be a better resource to you and your team.

We’re here to help.  Stay safe.

Curtis Knuth



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