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TRV® Services Just Added VOE to Ellie Mae's Encompass®

As easy as 1-2-3.

June 24, 2019 -- Announcing the newest addition on Encompass®; our verification of employment (VOE) is now integrated with Ellie Mae’s platform under “TRV® Services”, along with other product offerings like TRV (4506-T) and SSV (SSV-89). This web-based application is built using today's advanced technology.

Verification of employment and income (VOE & VOI) are manual processes that all lenders are required to perform on every borrower who contribute employment income to the loan at least 10 days prior to closing. Our new VOE Services API automates a significant part of this service such as;

1) validates employer name, telephone, and address through multiple verification resources 2) automatically sends the correct form by VOE type 3) digitally interfaces with the employer verifier

Once the user clicks SAVE, the information is sent to our API system for review by an NCS processor. Reach out today to find out how easy it is to bundle & save using Encompass TRV® Services!


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