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Updated SSA-89 Form for Loan Identity Verifications

December 15, 2020

The SSA has issued a new SSA-89 form with the revision date of 12/2020.

There is no SSA requirement to use the SSA-89 (rev 12/2020) until September 30, 2021. This newest form revision condenses the previous 2-page SSA-89 form into a single page. The SSA will consider the SSA-89 (rev 12/2020) form altered if split into two separate pages, and the request will be rejected.

If an organization’s loan origination or document management system is separating the SSA-89 (rev 12/2020) into two pages, the appropriate party should be alerted of the SSA’s policy for only accepting single page SSA-89 (rev 12/2020) form.

SSA-89 Form (updated 12-2020)


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