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"What attracted me to Service 1st."

By Curtis Knuth, CEO of Service 1st

Thank you for your interest in our company, Service 1st (S1).

When I became involved with S1 in 2019, what attracted me to the company was the firm’s expertise in consumer reporting and that an industry veteran who formerly owned the company remained a key stakeholder in the operations group. That said to me that they know what they’re doing and there’s accountability through the organization. As an executive, I value those qualities in the individuals and companies I work with.

As someone interested in our company, I want you to know that those qualities and our commitment to drive high-value customer service into our information and IT solutions is why our company name is SERVICE 1st. Service is important to us as you’ll see from our many customer testimonials.

Meet our Service 1st team
Get to know us.

S1 now honors a legacy of dedicated customer-centric service since 1926, a nearly 100-year performance record. I am proud to lead SERVICE 1st with a tech-forward focus towards performance and efficient design that our clients demand.

We embrace the shared demands to reduce costs and speed up application and processing tasks within overall processes. We understand each client's need and want for the greatest value at a low price.

Throughout our marketing and information assets, you'll find a unified information services offering. Whether via a proprietary RESTful API or our secure website, efficient design is evident throughout our organization.

Again, I thank you for your interest in S1. I encourage you to engage with our team through our instant chat channel, e-mail, or a simple phone call.

Best wishes for great success,

Curtis Knuth | 877.814.1178


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