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Snippets by Curtis | Dec 19

DECEMBER 19, 2019

I was reviewing some consumer facing commentary on mortgage this morning:


It continues to strike me as crazy that in both stories, the authors were prepping prospective homeowners for the burdensome process of gathering documents, years of tax statements, months of pay stubs, bank statements, their social security card…

I can recall a national TV commercial in the mid-2000s. It panned over to a man digging through a mountainous hill of garbage at a landfill. His patient, but utterly disgusted wife is waiting next to their car. After digging and digging, he holds up a grimy piece of paper and announces, “I found it! I found it,” but then dejectedly announces it’s the wrong tax year he’s looking for. The voice-over states at such and such mortgage bank, we don’t make you dig up your tax returns (4506-T!!!), and they make the process easy and approachable. Sounds like we haven’t made the progress we should have in 15 years.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the tools at Service 1st. They’re quite a bit more refined and integrated than you likely last reviewed from our peers. Validate bank data (Finicity/FormFree), obtain tax transcripts, and perform instant income analysis (4506-T/Income+), validate employment (VOE/VOI/WorkNumber®). They’re all integrated into multiple LOS/POS systems and ready for implementation.

First-time homebuyers are hitting the streets. Yes, inventory is limited, and in some markets, housing is over-inflated – but we all know that’s changing. Homebuilder sentiment is tremendous as we close out the year. My readers know more about interest rates than I do, and they know rates are great. We just got a first step trade deal done with China (building materials).

Your first-time homebuyers expect an online experience at application, and they want the one on one touch afterward. Service 1st verification solutions reduce fraud, reduce closing times, free up your internal team’s time/resources, and enhances the consumer experience.

It's the experience your clients want.

~Curtis Knuth

Curtis Knuth is CEO of Service 1st.

He can be reached at


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